Cat Token To The Moon

Do you like cats? Do you like crypto? If you said yes to either of those then this is the purr-fect coin for you

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What is CAT Token?

An exploration into the truck's polarising design


What makes CAT Token different?

An exploration into the truck's polarising design


Why should you join the CAT Token family?

An exploration into the truck's polarising design

about cat token

Saving Cats and creating Cat Memes are our core focus!

Cats have always been treated poorly by the general public. Now, even wild cats are considered as pests. To solve this problem and to let people understand the seriousness of this issue, CAT token was born. Profits generated from the uniswap exchange will be sent to cat saving organisations.

How many CAT tokens are there?

We started with making only 15 Million tokens available, but then the cats came together as a community and decided to burn 4,000,500 tokens. Why? Well the cats thought that it was way... way too much, so we did what the community asked.

CAT Token’s Transparency and Goal.

When it comes to trust, you can put all your faith in a cat like no other animal. We have long watched DOGE take the stake in the meme world. It is time for the CATs to stand up and take the lead. The time has come for $CATs to take over for

A total of 15 million cat token is to be ever distributed.

Our Future development Plans

  • Add support for more centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Create a trollbox on our website.

  • Token Migration to ETH 2.0 AND BSC (To be announced).

  • NFT trading cards backed by CAT tokens.

  • Helping Cats across the world in need of shelter by supporting NGO's dedicated for Cats.

  • Stay tuned! There's more to come.

Our Partners


Our Team 

Jerry Cat

Community Leader

Building a brighter future for CAT Token.

Cool Cat

Doing random stuff

A CAT that's helping the growth of Cat Token.

Phil Cat

Community Leader

Striving to maintain a better world for CAT lovers.

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